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Radioimmunoassay for T3 in serum: Necessity of prior extraction

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Radioimmunoassay for T3 in serum: Necessity of prior extraction. Acta endocrinologica Supplementum 184 A D V A N C E ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS 20. Symposion Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie Tübingen February 27-March 2, 1974 P E R I O D I C A • C O P E N H A G E N 1974 CONTENTS ABSTRACTS OF SHORT PAPERS Growth Hormone and Pituitary Tumors 1. Ch. Hohbach and H. Ueberberg: On the question of a specific secretory mechanism in the anterior pituitary. 2. W. Saeger and D. Lüdecke: Histologic and ultrastructural differential diag- nosis of acidophilic adenomas and comparison with clinical data. 3. M. Schleyer, K, H. Voigt, H. L . Fehm and H. Etzrodt: Isolation and purifi- cation of porcine growth hormone. 4. K. v. Werder, B. Schultz and S. Gallenberger: Heterogeneity of pituitary and serum growth hormone in the rat. 5. H. Etzrodt, M. Schleyer, H. L . Fehm, K. H. Voigt and E. F. Pfeiffer: Radio- metric assay for animal growth hormone. 6. S. Raptis, H. Hirth-Schmidt, K. E. Schröder and E. F. Pfeiffer: The effect of beta-receptor blockade on exercise and arginine-induced growth hormone secretion in man. 7. P. H. Althoff, J. Happ, V. Grabs, B. Schneider, J. Beyer and K. Schaffung: The early rise of growth hormone in acromegalic patients following intrave- nous glucagon: sign for secondary hypothalamic acromegaly? 8. C. Lucke and K. D. Morgner: Sleep-induced growth hormone secretion: lack of fluctuations during the menstrual cycle. 9. H. F. L . Meyer-Bahlburg: Hypopituitary short stature as chronic handicap: psychological management. 10. P. Heidemann, P. Stubbe and O. Buurman: Effectiveness of a small uniform dose of human growth hormone during long-term treatment of hypopituitary dwarfism. 11. O. Butenandt, R. Eder and F. Bidlingmaier: Integrated growth hormone con- centrations in boys with constitutionally delayed development. 12. C. Schade, P. Meixner, P. H. Althoff, R. Simrock, M. Neubauer, J. Beyer and K. Schöffling

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