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Localization of prostaglandin F in the ovine uterus during early pregnancy

Animal Reproduction Science
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DOI: 10.1016/0378-4320(79)90023-x


Abstract As part of a study on the anti-luteolytic action of the sheep conceptus, the distribution of prostaglandin F (PGF) within the uteri of 19 pregnant and 14 non-pregnant ewes was studied using three antisera to PGF 2α and fluorescent antibody tracing. In the uteri of seven non-pregnant ewes up to Day 11 after estrus (Day 0) and in uteri of 18 19 pregnant ewes up to Day 50, PGF was localized mainly in the lamina propria, with very little on epithelial cells lining the uterine lumen. After Day 11, in the uteri of seven non-pregnant ewes, PGF was localized on the surface of luminal epithelial cells and throughout their cytoplasm, and to a lesser extent in the lamina propria. The distribution of PGF on Days 14 and 17 in the gravid and non-gravid horns of the uteri of 13 ewes made unilaterally pregnant (conceptus confined to one uterine horn) was similar to that described above for normal pregnant and non-pregnant ewes after Day 11 respectively. These results are interpreted to indicate a change in the distribution of PGF in sheep uteri due to the presence of a conceptus.

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