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Review on the VIth Congress of Dialectology and Geolinguistics

Universitat de Barcelona
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Dialectologia 4 (2010), 111-120. 111 REVIEW ON THE VIth CONGRESS OF DIALECTOLOGY AND GEOLINGUISTICS University of Maribor, Slovenia 14.-18. September. 2009 Ernestina Carrilho & Sandra Pereira (Univ. Lisbon) {e.carrilho; [email protected] The University of Maribor hosted the sixth edition of the international congress organized every three years by the International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics (SIDG). Most recent editions had been held at Riga (2003) and Braga (2006). In Maribor, the local organizing team leaded by Mihaela Koletnik made this scientific meeting a remarkable event for current updates in dialectology and geolinguistics, but also for a really generous display of Slovenian culture and geo- attributes, the whole in a friendly, interactive and sounding atmosphere. Attendance at the congress was fairly high and diverse, bringing together different generations of dialectologists, geolinguists and other scholars interested in the study of dialects, from within Slovenia and from several countries across the world, and across different affiliations: Austria (Alpsko-jadranska univerza v Celovcu, Alps Adriatic University Klagenfurt, Univ. Karla in Franca v Gradcu, Inst. of Lexicography of Austrian Dialects and Names), Belgium (Univ. Liège), Bulgaria (Inst. of the Balkan Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Croatia (Univ. Zagreb, Inst. of Croatian Language and Linguistics), Cyprus (Univ. Cyprus), Czech Republic (Inst. of the Czech Language of the Academy of Sciences), Estonia (Inst. of the Estonian Language), Germany (Univ. Bamberg, Univ. Mannheim), Hungary (Eötvös Loránd Univ.), Italy (Univ. Udine, Centro Romanesco Trilussa, Univ. Bologna at Forlì), Japan (Japan Inst. of Dialectology, Univ. Niigata Prefecture, Meikai Univ., Shigakukan Univ., Hiroshima Univ. of Economics, National Inst. for Japanese Language, Univ. of Tokyo), Latvia (Univ. Latvia, Latvian Language Inst.), Lithuania (Vilnius Pedagogical Univ., Šiauli

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