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Evaluation of parallelized unstructured-grid CFD for aircraft applications

DOI: 10.1016/b978-044450680-1/50049-8
  • Computer Science


Publisher Summary This chapter describes the aerodynamic evaluation using parallel unstructured Euler/Navier-Stokes (NS) computation. This computation system is composed of a mesh partitioner and a parallel computational fluids dynamics (CFD) solver using Message Passing Interface library. The mesh partitioner is based on METIS developed at the University of Minnesota and modified to create mesh overlapping between partitioned ones and to deal with a hybrid mesh comprised of tetrahedrons, prisms and pyramids. The parallel CFD solver is based on Euler/NS solver developed at Tohoku University. The Euler/NS equations are solved by a solution algorithm based on the finite volume cell-vertex scheme for arbitrary shaped cells. Since the solver is completely vectorized, it is suitable for a vector-parallel machine as well as a cluster of scalar machines. The chapter evaluates the efficiency and accuracy of the parallelized flow solver on unstructured mesh for inviscid and high-Reynolds number viscous flows on both scalar-parallel and vector-parallel computer architectures.

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