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Тарифная политика и структура концессионных платежей в портовом секторе

Private company "Technology Center"
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  • тарифная политика
  • концессионные платежи
  • порты
  • УДК 338.246.025.3:656.033.94
  • тарифна політика
  • концесійні платежі
  • порти
  • Tariff Policy
  • Concession Payments
  • Ports
  • Communication


One of the most common and the most effective forms of cooperation between the state and business in the world's marine practice is concession. Now, it became available to private investors in Ukrainian ports. Despite a great number of publications on the public-private partnership (PPP), they did not fully cover the specifics of tariff regulation and concession payment facilities typical for the port sector. The global practice of competitive port systems, in particular the key moments of financial relations between public and private partners based on the modern concept of relationship marketing was analyzed in the conducted research. The need for a balance of interests between partners was identified. Also, the need to settle and elaborate the regulatory environment on these issues in Ukraine was evaluated and substantiated.

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