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Neurotransmitter profile of saccadic omnipause neurons in nucleus raphe interpositus

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Neurotransmitter profile of saccadic omnipause neurons in nucleus raphe interpositus Neurotransmitter Profile of Saccadic Omnipause Neurons in Nucleus Raphe Interpositus Anja K. E. Horn,' Jean A . Büllner-Ennever,' Petra Wahle,2 and Ingrid Reichenberger' ' Institute 01 Neuropathology, Univers,ty 01 Munieh, 80337 Munieh, 2Department 01 Zoology and Neurobiology, ND7/31 Ruhr'University, 44700 Bochum, and ' Institute 0 1 Physiology, University 01 Munieh, 80336 Munieh, Germany Saeeadie omnipause neurons (OPNs) are essential tor the generation of saccadic eye mavements. In primates OPNs are located near the midline within the nucleus raphe inter- positus (rip). In the present study we used several different neuroanatomical methods to investigate the transmitters as- sociated with OPNs in the monkey. Immunolabeling tor the calcium-binding protein parvslbumin was employed to mark OPNs in the monkey and deline the homologous eell group in cat and human. The use 01 antibodies against GABA, glyeine (GL V), glutamate (GLU), serotonin (S-HT), and tyro- sine hydroxylase revealed that the somata 01 OPNs are GL Y immunoreactive, but they are devoid of GABA and 5-HT im- munostaining. In . itu hybridization with the GAD" mRNA probe eontirmed the negative GABA immunostaining 01 OPNs. 3H-GL Y was injected inta a projection field of OPNs, the ros- tral interstitial nucleus of the medial longitud inal tascicle (riMLF)- the vertieal saceadie burst neuron area. This re- sulted in selective retrograde labeling 01 the OPNs in rip , while no labeling was found in the superior colliculus, which sends an exeitatory projeetion to the riMLF. The somata and dendrites of putative burst neurons in the riMLF were con · tacted by numerous GL Y -immunoreactive terminals. The quantitative analysis of immunoreactive terminaHike structures contacting OPNs revealed a streng input from GL Y - and GA BA-positive terminals on somata and dendrites, whereas GLU' positive puncta were mainly eontined to

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