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Munnferli kvenna 52-79 ára í hóprannsókn Hjartaverndar 1986-1987

Laeknabladid/The Icelandic Medical Journal
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  • Tennur
  • Konur
  • Tannheilsa
  • TannlæKningar
  • Mathematics


The aim of this investigation was to elucidate certain patterns of oral behaviour, such as visits to dentists and people's opinion of their own teeth and periodontal tissues. A questionnaire was used to gather the information among 508 52-79 year old females, out of a random sample attending for routine examination at The Research Institution of The Icelandic Heart Association during the winter 1986-1987. No statistical connection was found between age at first dental visit and edentulousness later in life. Regular dental visits during the school-years however seemed to slow down loss of teeth or prevent edentulousness later in life to some extent. More of the dentate women had recently visited a dentist than the edentulous ones. Fear of dental treatment did not seem to prevent those women from visting a dentist to any mentionable extent, even though they admitted more fear than their masculine counterparts (1). Most of the women were of the opinion that a convenient appointment could easily be made, and a little over 32% of employees went to the dentist during their working hours. Majority of the dentate women or a little under 58% were of the belief that their periodontal tissues were in good shape and nearly 53% thought that something might be found wrong about their teeth.

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