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Effect of shear on growth rates during polyethylene melt crystallization

McGill University
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  • Engineering
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  • Plastics Technology.


During processing, polymers are exposed to complex thermal and deformation fields. Under these conditions, partially crystalline polymers undergo crystallization, which contributes significantly to their ultimate properties. While the thermal effects on polymer crystallization have been studied extensively, there is much less research carried out with regard to the effects of deformation and stress on crystallization kinetics. This is in part due to experimental difficulties in making appropriate measurements. In the present work, the Linkam Shearing Cell, in conjunction with a polarized light microscope, was used to study the effect of shear on the growth kinetics of various linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) resins. Simultaneously, an effort was made to evaluate the effect of shear on morphology. The experimental and analytical aspects of the work will be described, and preliminary results will be reported.

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