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Biological, Chemical, and Immunological Studies of Rauscher Ecotropic and Mink Cell Focus-Forming Viruses from JLS-V9 Cells

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Two murine leukemia viruses were isolated from JLS-V9 cells which had been infected with Rauscher plasma virus. One virus was XC positive and failed to grow on mink or cat cells and thus was an ecotropic virus. The other virus formed cytopathic foci on mink cells, was XC negative, and fell into the mink cell focus-forming (MCF) viral interference group and was thus an MCF virus. The glycoproteins of the two viruses could be distinguished immunologically, by peptide mapping, and by size in sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The MCF virus produced gp69, and the ecotropic virus produced gp71, explaining the origin of the heterogeneous glycoprotein (gp69 and gp71) of Rauscher leukemia virus. Amino-terminal sequences of gp69 and gp71 were determined. The MCF sequence was distinct from the ecotropic sequence, but retained partial homology to it. The data show that the glycoproteins are encoded by related yet distinct genes. The protein structural data support the proposal that MCF virus gp70 molecules have nonecotropic sequences at the amino terminus, with ecotropic sequences occurring at the 3′ end of the gene. The Rauscher MCF virus glycoprotein lacks a glycosylation site found at position 12 of the ecotropic sequence.

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