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Some Peculiarities of Group Decision Making in Teams



CBM GR Discussion R for a er8414 ~c Research 1993 3 ,. , III II I III II I III II N I N IV ~ Itl IIIII Inll I~ I ill No. 9303 SOME PECULIARITIES OF GROLTP DECISION MAKING IN TEAMS by Drora Karotkin and Shmuel Nitzan January 1993 SOME PECULIARITIES OF GROUP DI~CISION MAKING IN TEAMS by Ur-ora Kurotkin and Shmuel Nil:an Department of Economics Bar-[lan University 52900 Ramat-Gan [srael Acknowledg~nents: This paper was written while the second author was visiting the CentER for Ec;onomic Researach at Tilburg University. The support of CentER and its ezcellent research environment are gratefully acknowledged. Abstract This paper points out some of the peculiarities that may arise not in the problema[ic ancl widely dealt with classical social choice context, but in the context of collective decision making in a team - a group of individuals who share the same interest but often possess differrnt dr~isional skilts. Employing the simple symmetric version of the uncertain, indcpendcnt, dichutumuus chuicr framewurk, wc present a series of propositions about the sumewhat unexpected violation of variuus forms of independence, monotonicity and symmetry prolxrties. 1. Introduction Numerous studies have been concerned with various aspects of the social choice problematics. To this day there remains considerable disagreement on the appropriate method for selecting an alternative when the social choice is based on heterogeneous Imp~~asibilhy Ihr~~rrms :~huund :md Ihc shortcomings of altcmatívc coll~tive decision rules hav~ often been demonstrated by showing that their use results in paradoxes. 'I'he purpuu~ ot the currcnt paper is to complemcnt this literature by pointing out some of the peculiarities - results that seem opposed to common sense or intuition (at least at first glance) - that may arise not in the problematic social choice context, but in the unproblematic' context of collective decision making in a team - a group of indiv

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