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Jomini et la strategie: Une approach historique de l'oeuvre (review)

Society for Military History
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  • Rapin
  • Ami-Jacques. Jomini Et La Stratégie: Une Approach Historique De L'Oeuvre.
  • Jomini
  • Antoine Henri
  • Baron De
  • 1779-1869.
  • Economics
  • History
  • Political Science


Jomini et la strategie: Une approach historique de l'oeuvre (review) Owen Connelly The Journal of Military History, Volume 67, Number 1, January 2003, pp. 235-236 (Article) Published by Society for Military History DOI: 10.1353/jmh.2003.0018 For additional information about this article Accessed 25 Feb 2014 10:53 GMT GMT MILITARY HISTORY ★ 235 Book Reviews of the imperial troops in a way that shocked French commanders. On a small scale, Maida foreshadowed Wellington’s campaign in Portugal and Spain, and that is its significance. Schneid recounts all of this, but strangely, he insists that the war in Calabria was nothing but a “pin prick” and a “foot- note in the larger framework of the Napoleonic wars” (pp. 54–55). This is precisely the same kind of argument that has always been made about the Italian theater in general in 1805, 1809, and 1813, so it is odd to hear Schneid repeat it. Schneid’s book is not aimed at a general audience, and it is purely mili- tary history with no analysis of the social, economic, and political origins and outcomes of the several wars examined. Nevertheless, people interested in the minutiae of Napoleonic warfare will find it appealing, and it does serve to fill a significant gap in our knowledge of Napoleonic warfare. This reader is convinced that the Italian wars were much more than footnotes in the story of Napoleon’s defeat. John L. Tone Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia Jomini et la stratégie: Une approche historique de l’oeuvre. By Ami- Jacques Rapin. Lausanne, Switzerland: Editions Payot Lausanne, 2002. ISBN 2-601-03297-9. Notes. Bibliography. Pp. 336. Euro 23.70. This is a work of historiography, focusing on the historical writing of and about Antoine-Henri Jomini, a young Swiss banker who turned to producing military history and theory. He became a baron and brigadier genera

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