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Amended proposal for a European Parliament and Council Directive amending Directive 91/440/EEC on the development of the Community's railways. COM (99) 616 final, Vol I, 25 November 1999

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untitled COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Brussels, 25.11.1999 COM(1999) 616 final Volume I 1998/0265 (COD) Amended proposal for a EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL DIRECTIVE amending Directive 91/440/EEC on the development of the Community's railways (presented by the Commission pursuant to Article 250 (2) of the EC Treaty) Barbara Rectangle User Rectangle EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM 1. On 22nd July 1998 the Commission adopted a proposal' for a Council directive amending Directive 911440/EEC on the development of the Community's railways2• On 201h October 1998 the Commission submitted this proposal to the . Council (SYN 98/0265). The purpose of the proposal was to clarify the separation of accounts between infrastructure management and transport services, to introduce the separation of accounts between passenger and freight transport services, and to ensure that a regulatory function that determines access to railway infrastructure is carried out by bodies or undertakings that do not provide rail transport services themselves. The proposal also clarified the roJe of the State in providing railway infrastructure. 2. At its plenary session of lOth March 1999, the European Parliament approved the proposal subject to amendments. After the entry into force of the Amsterdam Treaty on 1st May 1999, the Parliament had to re-approve its first reading. The European Parliament finally approved the Commission's proposal at its plenary session on 15th September 1999, subject to ten amendments. The Commission accepts the following amendments to its proposal: the introduction of a new recital3a, now numbered 4 (amendment 1) the introduction of a new recital 3b, now numbered 5 (amendment 2) the amendment of Article 1.1, referring to Article 1, second and fourth indent of Directive 911440/EEC (amendment 4) the amendment of Article 1.2- referring to Article 3, second indent, of Directive 91/440/EEC (amendment 5) the introduction of new Articles 1

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