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Ground Vibration Test and SPA Calibration on the AWIATOR A340 Large Winglet

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  • Institut Für Aeroelastik


AWIATOR (Aircraft Wing with Advanced Technology Operation) is a Technology Platform within the 5th Framework Programme of the European Community. The programme target is the proof of concept, validation and integration of wing technologies for future transport aircraft. One of the AWIATOR technologies is the development of large winglets for Airbus aircraft. A ground vibration test was performed on a rig mounted winglet to identify the normal modes and the respective modal parameters. Additionally, the strain gauges used for application of the SPA (Strain Pattern Analysis) method were calibrated. The ground vibration test was performed in Bristol by DLR-Institute of Aeroelasticity. The test results are correlated with the respective finite element analyses and compared with a preceding modal test.

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