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Analysis of energy utilization in the grain mill sector in Karnataka

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  • Centre For Ecological Sciences


Energy is a major constituent of a small-scale industry such as grain mills. Based on a sample survey of several mills spread over Karnataka, a state in India, a number of energy analyses were conducted primarily to establish relationships and secondarily to look at them in more detail. Initially specific energy consumption (SEC) was computed for all industries so as to compare their efficiencies of energy use. A wide disparity exists in SEC among various grain mills. In order to understand the disparities better, regression analyses were performed on the variables energy and production, SEC and production, and energy/SEC with percentage production capacity utilization. The studies show that smaller range industries have lower capacity utilization. This paper also examines the energy savings possible by shifting industries from the lower production ranges to the next higher range (thereby utilizing installed production capacity optimally). This leads to an overall energy capacity saving of 23.12% for the foodgrain sector and 18.67% for the paddy dehusking subgroup. If this is extrapolated to the whole state, we obtain a saving of 55 million kWh.

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