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The Violations of Politeness Principle in Humor Scenes of Lovely Complex Comic Series

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  • Sastra Inggris


Husnul Muhaiminah. 2013. The Violations of Politeness Principle in Humor Scenes of Lovely Complex Anime Series. This study is aimed for describing the violation of politeness principle in each humor scene between Koizumi Risa and Atsushi Otani and explaining the reasons why the speakers violated it. In analyzing data, the writer used qualitative and quantitative approach. The data were analyzed using qualitative approach and the results were calculated using quantitative formula. The results of the analysis showed that in Anime Series entitled "Lovely Complex", both two characters (Koizumi Risa and Atsushi Otani) tend to violate the principle of politeness in their utterances especially in humor scenes. Using Leech's Politeness Principle, the writer found the violations in almost all their utterances_ The total number of violations was 284 violations. There were 1 violation of Tact Maxim (0.35%), 1 violation of Generosity Maxim (0.35%), 228 violations of Approbation Maxim (80.3%), 27 violations of Agreement Maxim (9.5%), 16 violations of Modesty Maxim (5.6%). and 11 violations of Sympathy Maxim (3.9%). Besides, the results also showed that the speakers violated the maxims of politeness principle because of some purposes; mocking, complaining, blaming, scorning each other, expressing their anger, avoiding other's anger, refusing other's request, defending self, praising self, asking other to do something, and taking benefit from other condition. Keyword: humor, violation, politeness, pragmatic

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