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Shipboard acoustic doppler current profiling during cruise HOT-90 (SAC ID 00225)

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.319761
  • 32Mw090/1
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
  • Current Velocity
  • East-West
  • Current Velocity
  • North-South
  • Hawaiian Islands
  • North Central Pacific
  • Hawaii Ocean Time-Series
  • Hot
  • Hot-90
  • Hot-90_00225
  • Jgofs
  • Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
  • Moana Wave
  • Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (Sadcp)
  • Ship Velocity
  • Absolute East-West
  • Standard Deviation
  • Ship Velocity
  • Absolute East-West Components Means
  • Ship Velocity
  • Absolute North-South Components Mean
  • Ship Velocity
  • Absolute North-South Standard Deviation
  • Temperature
  • Technical
  • Temperature
  • Technical
  • Standard Deviation
  • Woce
  • World Ocean Circulation Experiment


HOT-90_00225 HOT-90_00225.txt #DATA_DATES: 1998/02/17 19:10:00 --- to --- 1998/02/21 18:04:00 #LON_RANGE: 158.33 W --- to --- 157.89 W #LAT_RANGE: 21.25 N --- to --- 22.94 N #DEPTH_RANGE: 16 --- to --- 472 m #SAC_CRUISE_ID: 00225 #PLATFORM_NAME: R/V Moana Wave #PRINCIPAL_INVESTIGATOR_NAME: D.Karl,R.Lukas,E.Firing,D.Hebel,L.Tupas #PI_INSTITUTION: University of Hawaii at Manoa #PI_COUNTRY: USA #PROJECT: Hawaii Ocean Time-series (JGOFS, WOCE (time-series)) #CRUISE_NAME: ship_tag=MW9803 woce_tag=PRS02,HOT090 EXPOCODE=32MW090_1 #PORTS: Honolulu to Honolulu #GEOGRAPHIC_REGION: Hawaiian Islands, North Central Pacific #PROCESSED_BY: University of Hawaii at Manoa #NAVIGATION: GPS #QUALITY_NAV: good #GENERAL_INFORMATION: CRUISE NOTES CHIEF SCIENTIST ON SHIP : D.Hebel INSTITUTE : University of Hawaii at Manoa COUNTRY : USA SIGNIFICANT DATA GAPS : no gaps SPECIAL SHIP TRACK PATTERNS : To station Aloha and return COMMENTS : ADCP INSTRUMENTATION MANUFACTURER : RDI HARDWARE MODEL : VM-150 SERIAL NUMBERS : FIRMWARE VERSION : COMMENTS : New transducer installed 1/98 ADCP INSTALLATION METHOD/DESCRIPTION OF THE ATTACHMENT TO THE HULL : A streamlined fairing is welded to the bottom of the hull. The fairing extends about 18 inches below the hull. There are two wells in the fairing. The ADCP transducer is mounted on a top-hat shaped carrier, the rim of which is bolted onto the top of the well just above the level of the hull inside the ship. The bottom of the transducer is slightly above the level of the bottom of the

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