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A study on flora and vegetation structure of alpine region around Daecheong peak in Mt. Seolag area

The Arboretum, Seoul National University
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This study was carried out to investigate flora and vegetation structure of alpine region(above 1,500m from sea level) around Daecheong peak in Mt. Seolag area from 6 to 8 August 1992. For analysis of vegetation structure, five tree & shrub-plots and three herb-plots were sampled in consideration of topographical properties within investigated area, and importance value, species diversity, similarity index were calculated. The results obtained from this study were as follows: 1. Total vascular plants distributed at the investigated area were 36 Families, 67 Genera, and 105 Kinds(inc1uding species, variety, and formal. 2. Rhododendron mucronulatum var, ciliatum Nak., Vaccinium uliginosum L., Betula ermanii Cham. within tree & shrub-plots and Chrysanthemum zawadskii Herbich, Anemone narcissijlora L.. Saussurea triangufata Trau. et Meyer within herb-plots appleared as dominant species, but showed low importance value ranging between 10-20. 3. Species diversities for tree & shrub-plots and herb-plots, were 11.111 and 4.648, respectively. But the similarity index among tree & shrub-plots were lower than that of herb-plots. 4. In the case of tree & shrub-plots, vegetation pattern showed double structure which is upper and lower layer, and in these plots, herb layer was not developed. 5. The vegetation structure of investigated area has a diverse pattern developed locally and independently.

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