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The Community's Trade Relations with the United States and Japan. Communication from the Commission to the European Council, Maastricht, 23 and 24 March 1981. COM (81) 123 final, 12 March 1981

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(81) 123 final Brussels, 12th March 1981 THE COMMUNITY! S Tf1AOE RELATIONS WITH THE UNITED STATES AND JAPAN (Communication from the Commission to the European Counei l, Maastri cht, 23 and 24 Ma~ch 1981) COM(81) 123 final THE COO/JnJITY'S TRADE RELATIONS WITH THE UNITED STAT~ AND JAPAN ColJUllunication the CommiGoion to the European Council This note oets out the ~in features of our trade relations and , . . , . - problema with the United States anq Japan as baCkgroun4 for the discussion by the European Counei l of the itern IIRelatiQns with the other industrialised countries United Statea 2. The Community faceD a new United StateD Aam~n~B~ra~1on wn1cn 1B atill elaborating ita trade policy. The Commission haG already drawn the attention of the new team in Wa.shington to some of the problema we faG'" particularly in the textilea sector where artificially low prices for natural gas and controls on the exports of naptha have given American exporters of petroleum chemicals and synthetic fibres advantageD resented as unfair by European producers particularly in the preoont depreaaed state of the European market. The new Adminiatration has aaid that it is committed to the removal of these measures but progreBa in thia direction will need to be watched carefully. And quite apart from the problem of differen- tial pricini; the level of import penetration of US textiles in certain regiona of the Community continuea to cause problema. Other problems relate to steel where the recent rise in Alnerican "trigger" prices applic,+ble to importf! may exclude to a substantial degrEte Community supplies for some of which atradi tional American market is vital. On the American eide , agriculture will 'bulk largely and it will be necessary to convince the now Amerioan Admini8trat.ion that th~ Community is ready to cooperate on agricultural trade queatiO1:19 but that ;'J1 r61a..ti~n. to such matters as the prospec- tive ag

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