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Stjepan Zimmermann's Original Doctrine of the Perception of Relation

Institute of Philosophy; [email protected]
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  • Stjepan Zimmermann
  • Odnošajno Opažanje
  • Sjetilno Opažanje
  • Refleksija
  • Stjepan Zimmermann
  • Perception Of Relation
  • Sense Perception
  • Reflection


In this paper, Stjepan Zimmermann’s original doctrine of the perception of relation, formed in the 1920s (only to be modified later, in 1932), is presented analytically, according to the following schema: first, the perception of relation (as understood by Zimmermann), second, its origin (according to Zimmermann), and, third, its nature (as conceived within the framework of Zimmermann’s neo-Thomism). Several problems are considered with regard to the doctrine, three of the most important of which concern the following of Zimmermann’s tenets: the perception of relation is not part of the sense perception; it is conditioned both by previous reflection on the respective correlates and by comparing them with each other; and it is intellectual and spiritual by nature.

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