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Influence of non-adiabatic temperature variations on line profile variations of slowly rotating beta Cep stars and SPBs. I. Non-adiabatic eigenfunctions in the atmosphere of a pulsating star

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  • Stars: Oscillations
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  • Stars: Variables: Beta Cep
  • Stars: Variables: Slowly Fulsating B Stars
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  • Mathematical & Earth Sciences :: Space Science
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics [G05]
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  • Mathématiques & Sciences De La Terre :: Aérospatiale
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In this study, we compute theoretical line profiles of a non-radially pulsating star, taking the non-adiabatic effects into account. These non-adiabatic effects are especially important in the atmosphere, where the spectral lines are formed, and must be accounted for. In this first paper of the series, we present a new treatment of the perturbed thermal and dynamical equations in the atmosphere of a pulsating star. We apply our formalism to the computation of non-adiabatic eigenfunctions in a typical beta Cephei star with low order p-modes and in a typical slowly pulsating B star with high-order g-modes.

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