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Persepsi Guru Dan Pentadbir Sekolah Rendah Tentang Keperluan Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan : Satu Kajian Di Daerah Larut Matang, Perak

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  • Lb Theory And Practice Of Education


This research was carried out in nine primary school in Larut Matang District, Perak. Questionnaires regarding the research were distributed to two hundred and thirty five teachers and fifty administrators. The aims of this research are to see the relationship between demography factors and its objectives following in-service training needs and the most effective training methods. This research was also to see the relationship between the training objectives and the training field and between the training objectives and the training techniques. Analysis using the mean, standard deviation and varians were carried out to find out the following : (a) Agreement between teachers and administrators on the objectives of teachers undergoing the courses and the teachers sent for the courses. (b) What field of courses are most needed by the teachers from the teachers and administrators point of view. (c) What are the most effective methods of carrying out in-service training from the teachers and administrators point of view. Results from the research show that demographic factor does not have any significant relationship with the objectives field and techniques. The relationship between training objectives and training field, and training objectives and training techniques do not have any significant relationship. Only the relationship between training techniques and training field seems to be significant. The results also show that respondents agreed that their objectives of undergoing the in-service training in order to get relevant skills to qualify themselves for better promotions.

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