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Critical Care Medicine: The Essentials

Critical Care
Springer (Biomed Central Ltd.)
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DOI: 10.1186/cc9204
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317-CC9204-De Backer.indd Critical Care Medicine: Th e Essentials is already in its fourth edition. What are the essentials? Th e essentials are a mixture of sound physiology and ground knowledge on diseases and established therapies. Why should we read Th e Essentials? All patients do not behave the same, therefore physicians have to decide patient management using clinical judgment based on clinical signs, on core physiology and on patient response to disease and interventions. Most of the attractiveness of this book comes from the fact that it is written by clinicians for clinicians. It describes a lot of clinical signs, (patho)physiological patterns, X-ray aspects, and other small tricks that guide the physician to rapidly diagnose at the bedside what the patient may present or to better set up ventilatory support. Th is book is separated into two parts: the fi rst relates to techniques and methods, while the second relates to diseases. Th e separation is sometimes artifactual, as mecha nical ventilation has to be discussed as a technique but also for the management of ventilatory failure. Never- theless, this separation does not impede reading because there is no overlap and because this book is not a hand- book. Chapters have to be read cautiously, taking time to under stand the details of physiological principles or the interaction between disease processes and interventions. Th e book covers most aspects of intensive care practice, including a rapid description of the diseases that may be encountered in critically ill patients, the specifi cities of critically ill patients, and the therapeutic interventions and monitoring techniques that may be used. Th e quality of the diff erent sections is quite heterogeneous. Th e cardiovascular sections are excellent and the respiratory sections are really astonishing. Even physicians with excellent knowledge in respiratory medicine will learn by reading these parts. Th e sections describe all types of resp

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