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Solid state co-crystallization of sugar alcohols measured with differential scanning calorimetry

Thermochimica Acta
Publication Date
DOI: 10.1016/0040-6031(95)02539-1
  • Co-Crystallization
  • Dsc
  • D-Mannitol
  • Phase Diagram
  • Sugar Alcohols
  • D-Sorbitol
  • Tg
  • X-Ray Powder Diffraction
  • D-Xylitol


Abstract Mixtures of sugar alcohols xylitol, D-sorbitol and D-mannitol were prepared by grinding the solid starting materials together for 20 min. Possible co-crystals were identified by DSC and X-ray powder diffraction. The phase diagrams for the systems xylitol-D-sorbitol, xylitol-D-mannitol and D-sorbitol-D-mannitol were created using the peak values from the DSC measurements as melting points. The phase diagram for xylitol and D-sorbitol showed that co-crystallization between these two components may be achieved by grinding them together. The powder diffraction pattern for a mixture of 0.50 mole fraction of xylitol and 0.50 mole fraction of D-sorbitol showed that the product consisted of both starting reagents and a new co-crystallization product. The melting point of the co-crystallization product was 75–77°C measured from the peak value of DSC measurements.

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