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Key Stage 2 English writing: moderation

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2012 Standardisation Exercise Candidates 1 STA – DfE 2012 [email protected] – KS2 Writing 2012 L6 Exemplification Key Stage 2 English writing – moderation Level 6 exemplification Teachers should use this exemplification to inform their decisions as to whether a child has met the level at the end of Key Stage 2 in English writing. Local authorities will also find this exemplification useful within their training with schools and local authorities’ moderation teams. The moderation focuses and level descriptors detailed in this document are based on existing guidance and materials which are familiar standards and not new or contradictory. Further Key Stage 2 English writing moderation information is located at 2 STA – DfE 2012 [email protected] – KS2 Writing 2012 L6 Exemplification Key Stage 2 English writing level descriptors National Key Stage 2 English writing level descriptors are located at h/attainment/en3 Below are detailed level 2 to level 6, as the exemplification covers these levels only. Level 2 Pupils' writing communicates meaning in both narrative and non-narrative forms, using appropriate and interesting vocabulary, and showing some awareness of the reader. Ideas are developed in a sequence of sentences, sometimes demarcated by capital letters and full stops. Simple, monosyllabic words are usually spelt correctly, and where there are inaccuracies the alternative is phonetically plausible. In handwriting, letters are accurately formed and consistent in size. Level 3 Pupils' writing is often organised, imaginative and clear. The main features of different forms of writing are used appropriately, beginning to be adapted to different readers. Sequences of sentences extend ideas logically and w

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