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Effect of microstructure and hardness on the grinding abrasive wear resistance of a ball bearing steel

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DOI: 10.1016/0043-1648(93)90458-x


Abstract Grinding media wear appears to be non-linear with the time of grinding in a laboratory-scale ball mill. The kinetics of wear can be expressed as a power law of the type w= at b , where the numerical constant a represents wear of a particular microstructure at time t = 1 min and b is the wear exponent which is independent of the particle size prevailing inside a ball mill at any instant of time of grinding. The wear exponent appears to be an indicator of the cutting wear mechanism in dry grinding: a plot of the inverse of the normalised wear exponent ( b H s ) versus H s (where H s is the worn surface hardness of the media) yields a curve similar to that of a wear resistance plot obtained in the case of two-body sliding abrasive wear. This method of evaluating the cutting wear resistance of media is demonstrated by employing 15 different microstructures of AISI-SAE 52100 steel balls in dry grinding of quartz in a laboratory-scale ball mill.

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