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Meta-Analysis of Publications on Web 2.0: Impact, Productivity, Prevalent Topics and Research Agendas

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  • Hb Economic Theory


Web 2.0 is a relatively young field of study and the body of publications on it is still developing. The paper offers an in-depth analysis of the prevalent topics discussed in the business-oriented literature in relation to Web 2.0 as well as the understanding of where the research is done (institution/country) and what the citation impact is – in other words, the locale of the research, the quality of publications and the prominent research topics. Even more importantly, it identifies emerging debates in the key areas relevant to the overall conference theme. To assess the productivity and impact, ABI/Inform database was interrogated to compile the list of papers (search for “Web 2.0” string, all fields and texts, scholarly journals only). For the search results, the following information was gathered: the number of citations (found via Google in databases such as SpringerLink, Emerald Insight or Google Scholar), authors’ and institutions names and locations as well as keywords – from ABI/Inform, other databases or from papers themselves depending on the information availability. The resulting numbers were subjected to simple statistical analysis: for each institution and each country three numbers were calculated: total number of “hits” (people (co-)authoring papers), total number of citations per hit (time-normalised) and the ratio between the two. The keywords (tags) were counted by the number of appearances on the list, and the analysis highlighted a variety of topics that are discussed the most, with a number of trends highlighted. The full sets of results are shown in the paper in two ways: using “league tables” and tag clouds. The publications dedicated to aspects of Web 2.0 in KM are looked at in more detail in order to identify emerging themes and research agendas.

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