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Fallstudie av f d missbrukare som är medlemmar i Anonyma Alkoholister eller Sällskapet Länkarna

Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan
  • Law And Political Science
  • SocialföRsäKring
  • Social VäLfäRd
  • Sociala Problem
  • National Insurance
  • Social Problems And Welfare


The purpose of this essay was to seek an understanding of what meaning the self-help-groups Alcoholics Anonymous and Sällskapet Länkarna,the Links, have in supporting former addicts to self-enhancement. The essential questions were: - in what way do the individuals describe for them the personal meaning of the AA:s/Links - how do the individuals experience the group - how do the individuals explain the change in self-image - have the individuals experienced self-enhancement by joining the AA/Links My method was qualitative in form of semistructured interwievs with three members of Alcoholics Anonymous and three members of the Links. In addition to this I also studied litterature of relevance. The results of this studie showed a difference between how the respondents experiended self-help-groups. Self-help-groups are important in many ways, for security, for support, for solidarity. Support from significant others are important because they are able to share their experiences to newer not so experienced members. I concluded my essay by stating that self-enhancement can be compared with the quality of life.

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