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Calculation of contact area of electrodes for effective electrostimulation of the oculomotor muscles

Publication Date
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Oculomotor Muscles
  • Exponential Currents Of Low Frequency
  • Contact Area Of An Electrode.
  • электростимуляция
  • глазодвигательные мышцы
  • экспоненциальные токи низкой частоты
  • площадь контакта электрода
  • електростимуляція
  • окорухові м’язи
  • експоненціальні струми низької частоти
  • площа контактів електрода
  • УДК 681.32:007
  • Design


Despite the large number of samples of the ophthalmology devices for stimulation of the oculomotor muscles, until now little attention was paid to issues underlying the calculation and production of electrodes, providing recovery programs in the automatic mode. The article presents a method for calculation of the areas of metal electrodes of pacemakers, based on the model of Helmholtz and the law of Warburg, and permitting to determine the components of impedance of contact elements. The method allowed choosing gold and silver as metals to produce the electrodes, because they have a minimal physical impact on an eyeball during electrical stimulation by currents, varying exponentially. The research results can be used to upgrade the existing and design new ophthalmology pacemakers.

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