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Abstracts: Pathology Informatics 2012

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SCIENTIFIC SESSION: Session-4 Decision Support Applied Informatics and Clinical Workflow Thursday, October 11, 2012 (7:30 am – 8:55 am) New Orleans Room Kavous Roumina, Eugene Farber, Walter H. Henricks Center for Pathology Informatics, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH. E-mail: [email protected] CONTENT Timely notification to caregivers of critical test results requiring immediate attention is an important function of the laboratory and necessary for accreditation compliance. In high volume laboratories, improvements in alerting laboratory staff to the presence of unreported critical values could improve time to communication of such results and reduce call back failures. We developed an automated system that detects and displays to laboratory staff the pending critical results not yet communicated to caregivers. TECHNOLOGY Data analysis and presentation components (.NET Framework 3.5, Internet Information Services, Microsoft); relational database (MS SQL Server 2005, Microsoft); laboratory information system (LIS) (Sunquest Laboratory). DESIGN The system consists of controller and presentation modules, both of which use the same back-end database. The controller continually queries the LIS, storing in the database only results not denoted as “called.” The web-based presentation module displays on large monitors color-coded critical results, yellow when first displayed, red within 30 min of availability from the analyzer. After caregiver notification, a technologist adds a predefined result modifier in the LIS allowing for the result removal from the display. Easily configurable system parameters enable inclusion of additional test types. RESULTS The system processed over 3.5 million results from the LIS (potassium and glucose; February–July, 2012). On average, 835 results/h were analyzed (24 h cycle), of which 1.7 results/h were displayed as critical results

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