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A conceptual map for the study of value An initial mapping of concepts for the project ‘Human, non-human and environmental value systems: an impossible frontier?’

Leverhulme Centre for the Study of Value, University of Manchester
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  • Conceptual Map
  • Theories Of Value
  • Social Value
  • Environmental Value
  • Agricultural Science
  • Communication
  • Ecology
  • Geography
  • Philosophy


In lieu of an annotated bibliography, we have compiled aconceptual map for the project ‘Human, non-human and environmentalvalue systems: an impossible frontier?’ The map itself is a visualisation ofthe relationship between the variety of ideas and concepts being deployedby the various researchers working on subthemes within this overarchingresearch programme on value. The map is intended to highlight the spacesof overlap, connection and cross-fertilisation between concepts we areusing in our respective case studies, while also respectfully maintainingpotential points of distance and/or difference between them. The map ispreceded by a glossary of concepts, in which each concept appearing onthe map is briefly explained in relation to the study of value and a list offurther readings on the concept provided. We are currently using the mapto establish how far concepts existing in one epistemology or paradigmcan travel and have utility in another. It is also a means to communicateacross paradigms and ontologies in order to explore how far differences inresearchers’ standpoints on how to define and study value exist as creativefrontiers of theory, or as insurmountably independent positions.

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