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Factors Affecting Mother's Involvement in Their Children's Primary Schools : Development of a psychological hypothesis model using data from interviews of mothers

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  • 母親の学校への関わり
  • 小学校
  • 仮説モデル
  • Psychology


The importance of school?family partnership is currently well understood. The purpose of the present study was to develop a psychological hypothesis model of mothers' involvement in the primary school of their children. Data from interviews of 7 mothers were analyzed using Personal Attitude Construct(PAC) analysis. On the basis of the result of this PAC analysis and earlier studies, following seven categories of factors affecting a mother's volvement in school were determined : “judgment that the involvement in her children's school is costing or beneficial,” “environment of the mother,” “condition of her children,” “the mother’s attitude,” “school climate,” “attitudes of teachers,” and “relationship with other parents.” In conclusion, it was revealed that mothers’ motivation, mothers’ actual involvement in their children's school, and occurrences of involvement in their children's school were interrelated.

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