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Proposal for a second Council Directive on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to agents at work: asbestos. COM (80) 518 final, 18 September 1980

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• • QOMiv\ISSION OF THE ~ . COM(80) 518 finaL Brussels, 18th September 1980 l~ J'~~\SJTY OF PJTISBURGJ- IJBRARIF~ UNIVERSiTY OF PITTSBURGH ~., ~:=~ '.J : ·J10~iiJ LIBRARIES GlfT & EXCHANGE DEC 10 1980 SERIAlS UNIT PROPOSAL FOR A SECOND COUNCIL DIRECTIVE ON THE PROTECTION OF WORKERS FROM THE RISKS RELATED TO EXPOSURE TO AGENTS AT WORK : ASBESTOS (presented by the Commission to the CounciL) COM(80) 518 final collsvs Text Box collsvs Text Box User Rectangle User Rectangle PROPOSAL FOR A SECOND COUNCIL DIRECTIVE ON THE PROTECTION OF 'WORKERS FROM TH:E· RISKS REIJATED TO EXPOSURE ro "'GmiTS AT WORK : ASBESTOS EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM 1. General observations on the Proposal for. a Direoti~e -Asbestos is the focus of attention· from public opinion and from t,he various authorities in the Member States~ This has been reflected by the· actions SJ.rea.dy undertaken by the Member Sta.t~s, by the debate and approval of ·a. resolution on the health hazards of· asbestos by the European Parliament and by stuc::cy- of the· Economic a.n.d Social Committee· on health and environmental hazards arising from t~e use of asbe.atos. The Commission has also publi~hed ·a r·epo:rt .on :the -,~Public Health .. Risks · of .Exposure to Aabes~os" (EUR 5653 e) which ·contains a critical ~a.lysis of the available bibliography o~ asbestos as it relates to public health • • Asbestos has .been widely used because of its unique properties~ tensile strength, resistence to degradation, in particular by abrasion and by ',· fineness of incombustible fibres, and the~io and electrical, insulation qualities. It is employed in variou~ ways, in many indus~rie~. ' - . The main fields of application are the bUilding, construction, engineering, shipbUilding and automobile industries. The major use, o:f asbestos )fibres is· in a mixture with cement which is utilized for conatru.o~ion .purposes and for pipes • . The- consumption of asbestos in the M

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