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A stakeholder assessment of basketball player evaluation metrics

Journal of Human Sport and Exercise
Publicaciones Universidad de Alicante
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  • Player Evaluation Metrics
  • Basketball
  • Stakeholders
  • Decision Making
  • Educación Física Y Deportiva
  • Communication


In this research we examined the opinions of basketball stakeholders regarding several questions of special interests to valuate players. Players, coaches, agents, journalists, editors, bloggers, researchers, analysts, fans and chairs participated in this macro-research. After analysing their opinions using the content analysis methodology, we found that current player evaluation systems are insufficient to fulfill the expectations of stakeholders regarding the definition of value, because they fail to rate intangibles. In addition, the importance of qualitative thinking is prominent and should be considered in valuating such intangibles. The current system of valuation used in Euroleague and Spanish ACB League (Ranking) is acknowledged as deficient, but stakeholders think that other advanced metrics do not significantly outperform Ranking. Implications for management, decision making and marketing in basketball are finally discussed.

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