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Effects of graphite doping on critical current density and microstructure of MgB2bulks by an improved Mg-diffusion method

Physica C Superconductivity
Publication Date
DOI: 10.1016/j.physc.2008.05.025
  • Mgb2
  • Diffusion Method
  • Critical Current Density
  • Flux Pinning


abstract A series of graphite-doped MgB 2 bulks with high density have been successfully prepared by an improved Mg-diffusion method in ambient pressure. The effects of graphite doping on lattice parameters, T c, J c and microstructure of MgB 2 have been investigated. The results show that compared to the nano-C-doped or CNTs-doped MgB 2, C is not easy to substitute B in graphite-doped MgB 2. However, at the same C content, the graphite-doped MgB 2 has a higher J c. At 10 K and self-field, the J c for MgB 1.985C 0.015 reaches 0.58 MA/cm 2. For the MgB 1.945C 0.055, at 5 K, 7 T and 10 K, 6 T the J c achieves 10,000 A/cm 2 which is two orders of magnitude higher than that for the undoped sample. In addition to improving electron scattering and intergranular connectivity, the unreacted graphite in the graphite-doped MgB 2 is proposed to be responsible to the excellent J c properties of MgB 2 in high fields, due to depressed grain growth and enhanced grain boundary flux pinning.

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