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A node-based smoothed conforming point interpolation method (NS-CPIM) for elasticity problems

World Scientific Publishing
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  • 010300 Numerical And Computational Mathematics
  • 091307 Numerical Modelling And Mechanical Characterisation
  • Meshfree Methods
  • Bound Solutions
  • Volumetric Locking Free
  • Patch Test
  • Numerical Simulation
  • Physics


This paper formulates a node-based smoothed conforming point interpolation method (NS-CPIM) for solid mechanics. In the proposed NS-CPIM, the higher order conforming PIM shape functions (CPIM) have been constructed to produce a continuous and piecewise quadratic displacement field over the whole problem domain, whereby the smoothed strain field was obtained through smoothing operation over each smoothing domain associated with domain nodes. The smoothed Galerkin weak form was then developed to create the discretized system equations. Numerical studies have demonstrated the following good properties: NS-CPIM (1) can pass both standard and quadratic patch test; (2) provides an upper bound of strain energy; (3) avoid the volumetric locking; (4) provides the higher accuracy than those in the node-based smoothed schemes of the original PIMs.

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