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La transición a la universidad: un análisis desde la diversidad de las voces de los estudiantes

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
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  • Transición A La Universidad
  • Estudiantes Con Discapacidad
  • Persistencia
  • Abandono Universitario
  • Orientación Profesional.
  • Ecology
  • Education


The last decade has been considered a key period for inclusion in the university domain, and a significant increase of handicapped students has been observed in the university classrooms. The process of inclusion entails developing mechanisms to evaluate it. In this respect, the study of the period of transition to the university is essential. This article presents part of the research that has been carried out within the Programme of Studies and Analysis of the Ministry of Science and Education of Spain, and which has explored both the process of transition period to university for people with different disabilities, and the factors that contribute to the persistence of their difference. The case of 24 students with different disabilities and who belong to diverse university programmes has been studied through methods of qualitative research, such as the semi-structured interview. The article analyzes the processes of orientation that these students received in their secondary education, their access to higher education, the forms of support they received during their academic training, and the ways in which their future career was planned. Despite the progress that has been experimented in the last two decades, the results of this research reflect the obstacles to permanence, as well as the absence of mechanisms which may facilitate the participation of students with disabilities from their own singularities. Interactive and ecological models of identification for disability scenarios have not been adopted yet, which leads to the invisibility of personal situations within the academic institution.

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