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An Exploratory Study for the Telecommunications Service Failure Cases in South Korea

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  • 정보통신서비스
  • 실패요인분석
  • 실패사례연구
  • New Telecommunications Service Development
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Service Failure Analysis
  • Communication
  • Political Science


In this paper , 15 south korea telecommunications service failure cases were analyzed. through the in- depth case study, 8 factors were found to be the major causes contributing to the telecommunications service failure. they were(1) ineffective marketing (2) poor demand forecasting due to misjudgment of customer preference. (3) failure to satisfy technical specifications, (4) loss of cost advantage due to the price cut of competing services or new entry with lower price (5) loss of utility advantage due to the increased utility of competing services or new entry with higher utility decrease of market attractiveness due to change of customer preference (7) impact of entry government policy, and (8) Insufficient or low quality of contents. Additional analysis was done to derive managerial implications to the new telecommunications service development strategy. the findings from the paper will provide valuable insight to the successful implementation of new service development and service provisioning processes.

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