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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Bernard D. Davis

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February 8, 1951. Dr. 8. D. Davis, Tubsroulosia &aeamh Laboratory, a1 &St 49 [email protected], New fork 2l, Y.Y. Dear Eer&ie- ?baAk you for the confidence implied in your letter of the 318t. I obJect strongly to the existence of the awards &nLAistered by mientifi~ 8oohtie8, in pdaoia>ra, not i,o tea80 anyone. z wcaald ode ko drop theai, but if any award were made, 1 don't thllnk I would refwe. You oan weI1 understand that 1 do not wish to take any aotiV0 part in any cacxUdacag for eucrh a~ award, and would very math prefer AOt SVOA to know WhOthOr x WJl?e UAd8X’ COASidBl%tiC’A at hhJEtph&bk cular t&m. Perry WI&m ani & have had a long talk about this; ti you feel strongly abwt prelsring the mattsr, I would apprsctiate it if you would diecues it with h&x. f had no idea of the seniority which the third 8e~tetlee of yopr letter implied. I’k&so see that I had better submit a biography to AMofS st ita nest aditioa. t”hsnk.8 far your perslissisn to 88s your Ejrperisntti paper- 1 hare writtin to ti publishme F&SO, met&y for their ifIf~rmtiOb, a8 tha jOtWAd does AOt atSm to bar COpJ’Ti$htOd. 0 Sincerely, &&us+ Lederberg

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