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Hybrid form of cardiac resynchronisation therapy in patients with failing systemic right ventricles

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Introduction Late systemic right ventricular (RV) dysfunction after atrial redirection surgery is common. Patients may require cardiac transplantation in early adulthood. Methods We undertook cardiac resynchronisation (CRT)/defibrillator therapy in two patients as a bridge to transplantation. Results Two males (aged 24, 110 kg and 26 years, 106 kg); having undergone a Mustard procedure for dextro-transposition of the great arteries at 7 and 6 months of age respectively, presented with impaired systemic RV function and New York Heart Association III symptoms. Both patients had dual chamber pacemakers in-situ for sinus bradycardia. Upgrade to CRT was performed by conserving the existing endocardial leads and placement of epicardial electrodes. One demonstrated sustained improvement over a 24 month follow-up period. Conclusion A hybrid CRT strategy is feasible in patients with failing systemic RVs and pre-existent endocardial dual chamber pacemakers. Appropriate patient selection criteria and optimum lead placement, however, still needs further evaluation in this population.

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