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Geraldo Horácio de Paula Souza: a atuação de um higienista na cidade de São Paulo 1925-1945

Universidade Estadual de Londrina
Publication Date
  • Higiene
  • História Da Ciência
  • Cidade De São Paulo
  • Urbanismo Higienista
  • Urbanismo Moderno
  • Movimento Sanitarista.
  • Hygiene
  • History Of Science
  • City Of São Paulo
  • Hygienist Urbanism
  • Modem Urbanism
  • Hygienist Movement.


Geraldo Horácio de Paula Souza was a person of great prominence inside of the brazilian Public Health, although there are very few studies and bibliographical citations about him in History of Science. The objective of this article is to bring to the readers information on this doctor's professional performance and the reasons that took him to the institutionalization, in São Paulo, of the Public Health as an academic discipline.

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