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Gate 3-24

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DOI: 10.1016/b978-0-12-372549-3.00024-0
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Publisher Summary This chapter focuses on the Gate 3 meeting held during the development of an investment/trading system. The product team should arrive at the Gate 3 meeting with its deliverables and a recommendation supported by data. A recommendation to go to launch and Stage 4 must be accompanied by a request for investment capital. To convince top management that the hardware and software implementation work properly, the product team can deliver user acceptance tests reports, which should ensure that working system meets the Stage 4 input requirements. These results should be documented and delivered to all interested parties prior to the Gate 3 meeting. These documents must be in a form that allows verification against the original Money Document. This meeting prevents the implementation of the trading/investment system until the required activities and deliverables have been completed in a quality manner. Furthermore, this gate charts out the path ahead by ensuring that plans and budgets have been made for Stage 4. A go to launch decision will mean the product team will receive investment capital to start trading immediately. Gate meetings are also convenient times to review the design and development processes that produced the trading/investment system up to this point and look back at the performance of the product team. At this gate meeting, top management would expect several deliverables, including software requirements specification document, software and hardware architecture documents, user documentation, and user acceptance test report signed by the product team.

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