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The goal of structure of capital for PT. Aqua Golden Mississippi enterprises constituted one of financial decision form importantly, because this decision may be influenced to achievement of management goal in firm financial. The main goal of management of modal structure is to create financial mixed that may be minimized cost of capital and maximize firm value. There are financial mixed ideally and it is always effort which be called optimal structure of capital. One of way which be used to minimized cost of capital that used Weight Average Cost of Capital (WACC). The using thought main of WACC are that each financial resource have cost of capital their self. While to know structure of capital firm use financial leverage. Suitable with the goal of this study that to know structure of capital of PT. Aqua Golden Mississippi in 2004-2006 and to know optimal structure of capital in 2007. So the study kind which be used is descriptive method. The data which be used such balance statement of consolidation and profit and loss statement of consolidation. While the data collecting technique used documentation, along with data analysis to condition of structure of capital, the firm uses leverage financial and to calculate cost of capital use Weight Average Cost of Capital (WACC). Based on the study result, it may be taken conclusion that condition of structure of capital during in 2004-2006 have not optimal. It is seen from financial leverage experience increasing-decreasing and cost of capital also experience increasing-decreasing. While structure of capital which optimal in 2007 is achieved to Debt Equity Ratio 20% because it may maximize firm value. Keyword : ANALISIS,STRUKTUR,MODAL,OPTIMAL Link Terkait :

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