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B physics on the lattice:Λ, λ 1, m b( m b), λ 2, B 0 − B 0mixing,fBand all that

Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements
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DOI: 10.1016/s0920-5632(96)00661-5
  • Heavy Quark Physics
  • Physics


Abstract We present a short review of our most recent high statistics lattice determinations in the HQET of the following important parameters in B physics: the B-meson binding energy, Λ and the kinetic energy of the b quark in the B meson, λ 1, which due to the presence of power divergences require a non-perturbative renormalization to be defined; the MS running mass of the b quark, m b( m b ); the B ∗ − B mass splitting, whose value in the HQET is determined by the matrix element of the chromo-magnetic operator between B meson states, λ 2; the B parameter of the B 0 − B 0 mixing, B B , and decay constant of the B meson, f B . All these quantities have been computed using a sample of 600 gauge field configurations on a 24 3 × 40 lattice at β = 6.0. For Λ and m b( m b ), we obtain our estimates by combining results from three independent lattice simulations at β = 6.0, 6.2 and 6.4 on the same volume.

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