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The Valence Band of Free K Clusters Studied by Photoelectron and Auger Spectroscopies

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  • 73.22.-F Electronic Structure Of Nanoscale Materia
  • 36.40.-C Atomic And Molecular Clusters
  • 79.60.-I Photoemission And Photoelectron Spectra
  • Physics And Astronomy


The valence states of free neutral potassium clusters produced by a gas aggregation source were probed by synchrotron radiation based photoelectron spectroscopy. The first ionization energy (IE) of the clusters was determined to be 10% larger than the work function of bulk potassium. Using electrostatic concepts and the IE, the mean size of the clusters was estimated to be ≈2000 atoms. Further information about the valence band was provided by investigation of the Auger process initiated by the ionization of the 3p level with a subsequent emission of an Auger electron from the valence band (M2,3VV). Plasmon satellites were observed in Auger spectra of free metal clusters.

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