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Agarose gel electrophoresis of joint fluid using Hyrys-Hydrasys SEBIA system as a new prognostic tool for periprosthetic osteolysisin revision arthroplasty

Carol Davila University Press
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Rationale. Prevention of wear-mediated osteolysis, the most common complication in total joint arthroplasty, is a great challenge for orthopedic surgery. Despite the diversity of current biomarkers of periprosthetic osteolysis (products of wear, bone turnover and inflammatory biomarkers), the major interferences and the great amount of sample necessary for analysis limit their use in clinical practice. Objective. The aim of this paper is to present three new electrophoretic methods using Hyrys-Hydrasys SEBIA system that have been used for the first time in Electrophoresis Laboratory of our hospital in the analysis of joint fluid for the prevention of periprosthetic osteolysis in revision arthroplasty. Methods and results. Analytical aspects of agarose gel electrophoresis of joint fluid proteins and lipoproteins as well as SDS-agarose gel electrophoresis of joint fluid proteins, their performances and clinical value are presented. The decreased level of albumin and increased level of alpha1 and alpha2 globulins were frequent changes detected on SEBIA electropherograms and good indicator for the presence of an inflammatory reaction generated by particle debris. In addition, a slightly increase of LDL mobility could provide good information about a high oxidative stress. Moreover, the Ig G assessed by using SDS-agarose gel electrophoresis could be a potential biomarker for an immunological reaction towards orthopedic implants. Discussion. Electrophoresis of joint fluid using Hyrys-Hydrasys SEBIA France system is a new analytical technique able to remove the most of current biomarkers disadvantages due to the determination of particular proteins (acute phase proteins, albumin, lipoproteins, and immunoglobulins) by using minimal amounts of joint fluid with minor interferences, minimal cost and rapid results. Abbreviations CTX, crosslinked C-telopeptide; IL- interleukins; Ig G, immunoglobulin G; LDL, low density lipoprotein; NTX, crosslinked N-telopeptide; PICP, procollagen I C – terminal extension peptide; SDS, sodium dodecyl sulphate

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