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The effect of Echinophora-platyloba on primary dysmenorrhea

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences


Background: Dysmenorrhea occurred in about fifty percent of women with regular menstruation. Different methods were applied for treatment and medications with lower side effects are preferred. Aim of this study was to detect the effect of echinophora-platyloba on primary dysmenorrhea in students.Methods: This single blind clinical trial was carried out in single students with primary dysmenorrhea in the Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences. Sixty students were randomly divided into two groups receiving; the echinophora-platyloba extracts or placebo. Visual analogue scale was used to detect the severity of desmenorrhea. At the end of first and second month after intervention, the severity of pain was assessed and compared with before intervention. Data was analyzed by SPSS software using chi-square, t and mann-whitney tests and P<0.05 considered significant.Results: There was no significant difference between total score of dysmenorrhea before and after intervention (34.74±10.86 vs. 35.55±11.16) in echinophora-platyloba and placebo groups. There was a significant decrease in echinophora-platyloba group (22.49±7.33) compare to the placebo (28.93±9.91) after two-month intervention (P<0.001).Conclusion: Echinophora-platyloba extract reduced the severity of dysmenorrhea. Administration of echinophora-platyloba is recommended to reduce of dysmenorrhea in the students.

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