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National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP)

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THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR GROWTH AND REDUCTION OF POVERTY (NSGRP) VICE PRESIDENT’S OFFICE June 2005 ii List of abbreviations AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ALAT Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania CBO Community Based Organization COBET Complementary Basic Education in Tanzania CSO Civil Society Organisations (this includes NGOs, CBOs and FBOs) DHS Demographic and Health Survey DSA Dissemination, Sensitisation and Advocacy FBO Faith Based Organization GDP Gross Domestic Product HBS Household Budget Survey HIPC Highly Indebted Poor Countries HIV Human Immuno-deficiency Virus ICT Information and Communication Technologies ICBAE Integrated Community-based Adult Education ILFS Integrated Labour Force Survey IMCI Integrated Management of Childhood Illness IF Integrated Framework for Trade Development JITAP Joint Integrated Technical Assistance Programme LGA Local Government Authority LGCDG Local Government Capital Development Grants LGRP Local Government Reform Programme MAFS Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security MFAIC Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation MDNS Ministry of Defence and National Service MCDGC Ministry of Community Development, Gender and C hildren MCM Ministry of Cooperatives and Marketing MCT Ministry of Communications and Transport MDA Ministry, Department, Agency MEM Ministry of Energy and Minerals MHA Ministry of Home Affairs MIT Ministry of Industries and Trade MJCA Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs MLHS Ministry of Lands and Human Settlement MLYDS Ministry of Labour, Youth Development and Sports MNRT Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism MOEC Ministry of Education and Culture MOF Ministry of Finance MOH Ministry of Health MOW Ministry of Works MSTHE Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education MTEF Medium Term Expenditure Framew

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