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BOOK REVIEWS VIROLOGY MONOGRAPHS. Cytomegaloviruses, by J. B. Hanshaw. Rinderpest Virus, by W. Plowright and Lumpy Skin Disease Virus, by K. E. Weiss. New York, Springer-Verlag, 1968. 131 pp. The third of the Virology Monographs, edited by S. Gard, C. Hallaeur, and K. F. Meyer, maintains the high standards established by previous volumes in the series. It includes comprehensive reviews of three virus groups, one of importance to man, (cytomegaloviruses) and the other two, diseases of cattle and other animals (rinderpest and lumpy skin disease). The author of the section on cytomegaloviruses (CMV, formerly known as salivary gland virus) is Dr. J. B. Hanshaw, who has been one of the major contributors in elucidating the problems of this interesting infection. The characteristic large cells with prominent intranuclear inclusions seen in histologic sections of infected tissues were recognized as early as 1904, but extensive information concerning the virus and its pathogenicity has only accumulated since isolation of the agent in tissue culture in 1956-57. Weller, et al. first established the clinical significance of CMV in con- genital infections when they recovered it from infants presenting with manifestations indistinguishable from those of taxoplasmosis. The viruses are classified as members of the herpesviridae family on the basis of shared properties such as DNA core, possession of an envelope, and capsomere structure. Like herpes viruses they tend to become latent, a characteristic which has given them a new importance in relation to the field of organ transplants, for patients on long term immunosuppressive therapy are prone to develop fatal CMV pneumonia. The chapter provides a complete and critical summary of the properties of the viruses, their physico-chemical and antigenic structure, behavior in vitro and in vivo, and the clinical and epidemiologic aspects of the infection in man. The excellent reviews of both rinderpest and lumpy skin disease viruses cover the literature thoroughly-a

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