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Sinteriranje mješavina rude koje sadrže koncentrate željeza s niskom koncentracijom SiO2 ispod 1,0 %

Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS)
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  • Sinteriranje
  • Koncentrati
  • Niski Sio2
  • Sintering
  • Concentrates
  • Low Sio2


The investigation concerned the production of ore sinter from sinter mixes containing a concentrate of a very small grain size of below 0,1 mm and a low silicon content of below 1,0 % with an addition of 0,69 %, 8,5 % and 16 % of calcium (CaO) and 11,5 %, 16 % and 21 % of coke, respectively. The obtained sinter of a low Si content of below 1,0 % is partially metallised and may be used as an iron ore substitute for the steelmaking process.

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