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The other pulmonary lesions found at autopsy nieed little comment. The local spread in the interstitial lymphatics of the upper lobe and the collapse of air sacs by pressure and by blockinig of air passages produced an almost solid condition of the lobe and had a clinical counterpart in the dull percussion note and the high-pitched tubular breath sounds. 'l'he moist rales suggested the presence of an exudate in small air passages which were still patent and which were observed post-mortem at the margin of the consolidated lung tissue. The symptom of respiratory obstruction was produced by a large caseous paratracheal lymph-node in the thoracic inlet. The tuberculous ulceration of the ileum is an interesting finding in a child of seven months. The ulceration and the involvement of the regional lymph-nodes in the mesentery is almost certainly due to swallowing of infected sputum, and in this particular case may account for the history of green diarrhoea, the result of disordered and hurried peristalsis. The tuberculoma of the cerebellum is of a considerable size and has developed slowly from a blood-borne metastatic tubercle implanted at an early stage in the disease. The size and the degree of encapsulation are reasonable evidence for this conclusion. It produced no clinical manifestations but might well have been a potential reservoir for the establishment of a tuberculous meningitis if it had later extendled to involve and discharge its contents into the cerebro-spinal fluid. A photograph of the macroscopical appearances of the lutigs is appended with an explanatory diagram. J. A. F. WESTERN ELECTRIC INTRODUCE NEW ELECTRICAL STETHOSCOPE BELL TIelephone Laboratories, pioneers in sound transmission, announce the dle- velopment of a new portable electrical stethoscope of outstanding design. Primarily introduced for practitioners with impaired hearing, its facilities are extended to others who desire detailed and more accurate auscultation than that obtainable with the orthodox acoustic varie

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